Shipping Rates and Policies

We have a variety of very different sized products that use different methods and rates for shipping, so your price will depend on what you are buying. We use Fedex for all parts shipments and R+L Carriers for all red light system shipping. On the website, it will only show you the option "Best Way" as we will pick the right method for shipping based on what you ordered. Please read through the entire section for the type of item you are buying, it has important information you will need to know. First thing, you need to look up and see what Zone you are from us using this map and chart:

Shipping Zones

Most full systems weight about 350 pounds, including pallet and packaging.  Zones are based on UPS/FedEx/Truckline estimations for average shipments.  Please note that the recent. Shipping rates for bulk lamps or items not listed on the website are calculated using the latest actual cost when you call, which is updated weekly.

Our red light systems are shipped on a large truck (18 wheeler) as "Curb Side Service with Lift Gate", meaning they will drop the bed off at the curb of your house *IF* they can access it. If you live in an inaccessible area, call us before ordering. They do not bring the system inside and assemble the bed for you. You need two persons to assist when it is delivered. Please inspect for damage and refuse if damaged, then call us.

Shipping Rates for Small Parts and Accessories

For small items such as accessories and small parts, we charge a flat rate of $16 ($32 in AK and HI) online.  Shipping rates for over the phone orders are based on actual cost and are sometimes higher.

  Shipping Rates for Red Light Beds, Red Light Bulbs and Channels

First establish your zone using the map above.  Prices include insurance, and due to fuel surcharges, are higher out west.


Shipping Rates for Misc. Products

Misc Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7
Small Parts $16 flat $16 flat $16 flat $16 flat $16 flat $16 flat $16 flat

Phone orders and/or large heavy items may be higher.


Shipping Rates for Red Light Bulbs and Channels

These prices include 100% insurance, 30 day "No Light Warranty*" and all other fees.

No. of Lamps Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7
1 – 25 $46 $49 $52 $55 $58 $61 $64
26 – 34 $68 $73 $78 $83 $88 $93 $98
35 – 50 $83 $90 $96 $102 $108 $114 $120
51 – 59 $103 $110 $116 $122 $128 $134 $140
60 or more Call Call Call Call Call Call Call

- Call for orders over 60 units for lower prices per lamp.  1-800-274-1744 -

Shipping Rates for Red Light Therapy Beds

Beds (in lbs) Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7
Per unit $150
1/2 price
1/2 price
1/2 price
1/2 price
1/2 price
1/2 price
1/2 price

Prices shown are 1/2 the actual price to ship your bed, we share the cost with you. Multiple bed purchases will be charged at actual cost of shipping (+discounts) and handling when you call. Damage is rare, but if you are ordering a full LED or fluorescent red light bed, REFUSE THE SHIPMENT IF IT IS DAMAGED. This will cut your costs and reduce the time needed to replace it by about one week. Refused orders can usually be reshipped by us within one business day. If you keep the damaged bed, we can't be responsible for repair.

Shipping - Handling Damages

You MUST inspect each shipment for damage before signing, or you waive your rights to make a damage claim with us and/or the carrier.  This includes opening red light therapy bed boxes if necessary.  For bulbs and channels sent FedEx, you should always accept a package even if damaged, then call us at 1-800-274-1744 and we will ship you replacements immediately.  For red light beds, you should always REFUSE the shipment if it is damaged, then call us for a replacement.  We can usually ship replacement lamps or beds within one business day, and will do so at no expense to you, if you have noted the damage with the carrier.  All shipments that are refused without explanation or authorization will be charged the full price of transportation.

Shipping Options (Overnight)

PhotoTech USA will determine the best method for shipping your products.  For lamps, this is usually FedEx for orders of 72 or less.  If you need your products delivered by a specific method instead of our usual shipping (FedEx, DHL, etc.) then you will have to call with your shipper number. There will be a handling fee to cover packaging materials.  If you choose this method, you accept responsibility for damage as well.  Overnight shipments are discouraged as they have the highest incidence of damage, but they are available.

Shipping Returns (overview)

In the event a product is returned for any reason, customer is responsible for the full and actual shipping and handling costs (both ways), plus a fee if any packaging, parts or documentation is missing.  There is a restocking fee for certain items that are returned, and some items can not be returned except for defect or damage in transit.  Customer is responsible for insuring that all parts are the correct size, wattage and type for their system and will be responsible for all transportation and restocking fees if the wrong parts are ordered and shipped. 

Note: Due to the risks of damage when shipping outside of the continental US, we will only cover the cost of the glass tubes for damaged shipments to AK, HI, Canada and any other location outside the 48 contiguous states. Customer will be responsible for all shipping costs for subsequent shipments in the event of damage.

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