LED versus Fluorescent

There are significant difference between our LED and glass bulb 633nm parts, but it is fairly simple to explain.

Our Rejuvenescence bulb set the standard for 633nm red light therapy and offer the client an excellent experience in around 30-40 minutes per day. They last around 2000-2400 hours and are exceptionally cost effective. They fit into most tanning beds, or can be purchased as a complete system at a price similar to a tanning bed.

Our LED systems are cutting edge. The output is up to 8x higher than fluorescent system, and comparable to LED systems costing over $30,000. We didn't invent LED red light therapy, we just use standardization and volume to bring the price down to under $10,000, so the masses can enjoy the benefits. We do this by standardizing on a F71 size platform so a tanning bed frame can be used with little modification. Each LED channel has 256 individual LEDs, providing an extremely intense output that lets you get more 633nm exposure in 10 minutes than you would with 40 minutes in a fluorescent system. The LEDs are good for around 20,000 hours.

Both are similar in that they provide the same results. In the event of a single failure, replacing one bulb or channel is easy with either system. The primary difference is in the amount of time you need to spend each day and how fast you will get results. And of course, the lifetime of the individual elements.

Commercial use

LEDs are much better suited to commercial environments where the goal is to get the maximum number of clients in and out within an hour's time. LED lets you serve up to 2 or 3 times the number of clients per day, doubling your profits. They also have lower maintenance as you aren't changing your bulbs every two years. Other maintenance, like cleaning system yearly, reconditioning the acrylics, etc. is exactly the same.

In a commercial environment (be it a day spa, red light studio, tanning salon, or other), the other advantage is that customer perception of the superiority of LED versus fluorescent bulbs. This is not unfounded, as they clearly are the better technology and do more, faster. When competing with other salons for business, the business with LEDs will always win the customers over. Partly because customers understand LED is better, and partly because it is more convenient to come in for 10-20 minutes than to dedicate 30-40 minutes per day. Because of this, you can charge a premium for the service.

Small salons that only offer red light as an ancillary service will often use fluorescent tubes because of the price, and because there are no time pressures. Any salon that wants to profit by increasing the volume of their clients, however, should insist on LED.

Personal use

For personal use, the difference is less of an issue, for if you aren't driving to the salon and waiting, the extra time required by using fluorescent style red lights is less of an issue. They don't perform as well as LED, but it is much easier to utilize the system on a daily basis if it is in your home. Whether you should go with LED or fluorescent bulbs is more a matter of preference.
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