Privacy and Legal Info

Legal disclaimer: Things our lawyers make us say.

PhotoTech light therapy systems are not FDA reviewed, unless noted otherwise. They are not designed to treat nor diagnose any medical condition. While they obviously offer cosmetic and other benefits, they are not legally medical devices. Any information provided herein regarding the benefits is given as general information regarding specific light frequencies and we can't promise your results will be the same. Use for medical purposes is done at your own risk.

Commercial customers should note that converting a tanning bed into a red light therapy system and using that for commercial purposes may or may not be legal in your state. Texas and Indiana have clearly stated you can't do this, while states like North Carolina have clearly stated that this is fine. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the commercial salon owner. Persons who are converting a system for their own personal, non-commercial use do not need to concern themselves with these laws.

The information presented on this website is as accurate to the extent that we can be sure of. If you find an error, email us and we will correct it. Still, like all information you find on the internet, use at your own risk. We will not accept responsibility for typographical errors of factual errors that we have not been made aware of.

We link to websites that are not under our control. The owners of these websites are responsible for their content.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is pretty simple: We don't gather personal information to sell, lease or loan to any other party. The only time we use your personal information is to process and ship your order. We do not send unsolicited mail, make unsolicited calls, or otherwise spam you. We hate these practices as much as you do. We do gather aggregate data, such as counting the number of people that visit, which pages do they view, and these can be linked to individual IP (internet protocol) addresses but not to individuals. This is used to better understand our customers needs and make the website better. Here are examples of how we use your infomation:

When you place an order, you must provide an address, credit card number and email address. We have to give the shipping company your name, address and phone number. In the case of Fedex, we also hand off your email address so they can send you a link to the tracking. We store your email and address info, but not your credit card number, which is automatically purged within 30 days from our system. We use Yahoo services for hosting this website, and our own bank (Fidelity Bank NC) and PayPal for credit card processing.

We keep your email and address in case we need to send you a digital invoice, documentation or contact you about your order. We don't use it to send emails about "specials". If we ever start having a newsletter (we don't at this time, and never have), it will be a purely OPT IN system. Your address and email are stored on our own servers in a secured environment. If you have a question about privacy or security, contact
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