Converting a Tanning Bed

Just about any tanning bed can be converted for use as a red light therapy system, due to the way we produce our red light bulbs and channels. Conversion is best done with a bed that has 24 or more lamps, but can be done with most 16 lamp beds as well. The key is having an existing system with F71T12 lamps. There are F59 fluorescent tubes available for tanning bed with face tanning, but LEDs only coming in the F71 length.

Some examples (with some exception) of tanning beds that use size F71 include: SunQuest, SunVision, SunStar, SunMaster, Solar Storm, Alpha Sun, Pro Sun, Ergoline and most others. Some beds use F72 and F73 sized lamps. We might be able to some of these systems work using adapters, but you should call so we can walk you through it and determine if your system will work.

Note that some more expensive salon beds (hybrids) use 100w tubes in the bench and 160w tubes in the canopy. This isn't a problem. You need to know this when you call, as the fluorescent tubes must be specifically 160w for those canopies. Since the fluorescent tubes are wattage specific, it is a simple matter of matching the wattage, which is usually 100w. For LEDs, it doesn't matter as the same channel will work in any 100w or 160w slot and automatically adjust the power.

Doing the conversion is as simple as changing the lamps for both systems. The only consideration is facing the tubes. Because the fluorescent tubes have a built in reflector, you must install them so the label faces the person. In other words, no light goes behind them, so you need to be sure to have them so you can read the label on the lamps, ensuring they are facing the right way. Basically, the same is true for the LEDs, which must be installed so you can see the LED elements.

The LED channels are T8 in size (1" diameter) versus tanning lamps and the red light fluorescent bulbs, which are T12s (1.5" diameter). This doesn't affect anything, as the pin size and layout are identical for T8 and T12 lamps. They will still just twist in and click into place, no different than the old lamps.

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