How We Build Affordable LED Systems

Many customers are concerned because our prices are so much lower than similar sized LED systems, but in fact, we will gladly put our quality against any other product. Our systems are 100% solid steel with a powder coated and baked on finish that will last decades. How we can do it for less is explained here. It all centers around standardization and using common parts in production.

We spent over three decades manufacturing tanning beds, in our Jemison, Alabama plant, Greensboro, North Carolina plant, and through our partners in Hasselt, Belgium, Alpha Industries. They are one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. While tanning is no longer as popular as it once was, we learned a few things about mass production and are able to apply them to red light therapy.

Our frame is one that we offered for our more expensive tanning beds for years. It is a proven platform that customer's love, so there was no reason to go back to the drawing board. It is solid steel, have proven to last at least two decades, and can handle at least 300 pounds of client. At 39" wide and 81 inches long, it provides a huge surface for your comfort. It costs less to use this existing platform, and because it is so proven, you know you are getting quality.

At the heart of our system are our LED channels. They look a bit like 6 foot glass tubes, but they are quite different. For starters, each tube has at least 256 LEDs (384 LEDs in some models) The backside of the channel is an aluminum extruded channel that acts as a heat sink, and a traditional cooling system (borrowed from tanning) is more than adequate to keep the system at optimum operating temperature.

We made the channels the exact same length as most tanning lamps, F71, and included electronics that allow them to be used in a tanning bed without any extra equipment. They are literally plug and play. Again, using ISO standards and LEDs in a single row cuts production costs dramatically. You are getting the same LEDs that come in a $60,000 system, we just arrange them in a way that is much less expensive.

We put all the electronics INSIDE the tube. This not only allows us to make the channels so you can use them in any existing system, but it saves money and reduces the complexity of the system. If years down the road, a single row of LEDs fail, you don't need to have technician drive (or fly) to you from the factory. You simply replace that one channel. It's as easy as changing a light bulb. It's faster, cheaper and more sensible for the average commercial spa owner, as you down time can be as little as one hour if you keep one or two spare channels around.

Each system will have 24, 32 or 36 channels. Each channel cost much less than a traditional panel because it is simpler to build, and because we use so many channels, the cost for each one is surprisingly affordable.

Compare this with traditional LED panels in other systems, which are large squares, with many unique sizes, and have to be built in a very special way, then powered with external drivers, which must be installed and wired separate from the panels. And if one goes bad, you don't know if it is the driver, the panel or something else. Plus you need a specialist technician for most repairs. We aren't saying these systems aren't nice, they are very nice. However, they aren't cheap to maintain, nor easy to repair, nor are they more powerful than our channel system. And they cost a lot more.

Our systems don't produce ultraviolet and certainly won't tan anyone. They are 100% UV free. We just used the economies of scale when you use these common to find parts. Then we create an extremely powerful and fully integrated LED system that produces the exact frequencies we want. Whether you are wanting 633nm or 660nm, we can use the exact same platform and just use different LED channels. It also means that if you buy a 633nm system today, and five years from now you want 660nm (or whatever else is new), you don't need to replace the whole system, just the channels, saving you thousands. You can even mix channels to make a custom bed.

What we are saying is that PhotoTech is a smarter choice. The same power and effectiveness, but a simpler design. By sticking with ISO standards, using integrated power supplies in each channel, using readily available parts in manufacturing, you are getting a better system, a more tested system, for a fraction of the price of others.

Our goal is simple: to bring LED red light therapy to the masses by making it very affordable.
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