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PhotoTech 24

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Built on our SME frame, designed in Belgium for use by PhotoTech. This is a time tested frame made of 100% steel, then powder coated and the finish is baked on for decades of heavy use. 100% commercial grade in every respect. Built in cooling system to keep the internals at a perfectly even temperature for maximum performance.

This system uses 24 of the Rejuvenescence 633nm, 100 watt red light therapy bulbs with built in reflector for up to 50% higher performance than a standard 633nm bulb. This is added to our Workhorse series electronics, which deliver more red light per watt than any other ballast on the market.

Built in 30 minute timer makes session times easy to calculate. No need to build up, just turn it up, and go.

Like all PhotoTech systems, it comes with our exclusive 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Spectral analysis is for one bulb only, not full system.

Dimensions: ~39" wide by 81" long
Power: 120VAC @ 13 amp draw (NEMA 5-20)
Electronics: High Frequency electronic (solid state) under patent.
Lamps: 24 x Renewal or Rejuvenessence ultra high output
Frame: Solid steel, European tunnel design, welded construction.
Finish: Powder coated, baked on finish in white color.
Session: 30 minute timer
Center frequency: 633nm single phosphor / narrow band
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