LED Channel - 660nm - 250 LEDsZoom

LED Channel - 660nm - 250 LEDs

Item# 660chan
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F71T8 format, used as OEM in PhotoTech LED 660 systems or it can replace F71T12 bulb in all tanning beds.

Universal power supply inside the channel. Designed to be a replacement for standard 4k/6k/8k PhotoTech beds, or can be used to replace tanning bed lights in every tanning bed that uses F71 lamps. Will utilize the power from magnetic ballasts, choke ballasts, electronic ballast or direct wire with 120v on one end of the channel and neutral on the other. Also works with 240VAC or 208V power supply.

Universal design works in all SunQuest, SunVision, SunStar, SunMaster, ESB, Ergoline and other tanning beds and canopies that use F71 size bulbs ONLY. Will not work with beds that require F59 sized bulbs.

Laws for commercial use vary by state (Texas and Indiana in particular) and knowing the law is the salon owner's responsibility.

Shown in image in both on and off status. Each channel draws 28w regardless of power source. Each LED has it's own 120 degree reflector, no need to worry about reflector system in your unit.

Universal voltage, with "hot" on one end, "neutral" on the other, so easy to create custom solution with using off the shelf T8/T12 lamp holders.

These produce ZERO ultraviolet. Minimum quantity of 8. Call for lower quantities.
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