PhotoTech / USS
P.O. Box 580
6208 Technology Dr. (showroom)
Browns Summit, NC 27214

Founded in 1985 as the southeastern distributor for Sun Industries, we soon purchased the SunMaster tanning bed company and rapidly expanded. We began building red light therapy systems as soon as Rejuvenescence lamps were created by LTI, and have done so for well over a decade. We no longer produce tanning beds, instead focusing our manufacturing on red light therapy systems, including using our own invention, the LED channel. We still produce tanning lamps in support of our customers over the years. We have shipped to hundreds of thousands of businesses and homes over the years, too many to count.

Our exclusive LED channel, combined with our own experience in mass production, allows us to produce extremely high powered LED based 633nm, 660nm or any other frequency of system at a fraction of the price of competitors. By standardizing the product and process, we are able to build all steel, heavy duty systems that outperform and outlast other systems costing 2 to 4 times more. That is our goal, to bring LED based red light therapy to the masses by offering it at prices people can afford.
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