Beautiful, powerful, proven red light therapy system for the discriminating buyer. Whether you own a studio with dozens of red light therapy systems, or just want one for your home, PhotoTech has the right system for you. Read more about our exclusive LED channel system that lets us deliver extreme performance at a fraction of the price of other LED systems. We've been building and selling systems since 1985, and we think you will be very impressed with the values you find here.

We were the first to bring LED red light systems to market for less than $30,000....under $10,000 in fact, using the same type LEDs and power levels. Our experience in mass production and light systems, plus our volume, lets us produce a better system for a fraction of what others are offering, and each is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. With other systems, once you buy it, there is no upgrade path. We are constantly developing new LED channels, which means you can buy a full system today, and if a new type of light or frequency comes out, you can easily upgrade the power level or frequency. 633nm beds can be converted to 660nm or 660nm/835nm in about one hour, and is so easy, anyone can do it with just a screw driver.

Calls us at 1-800-274-1744 and speak to someone about our offerings and see what they can do for your spa, salon or medical practice. Volume pricing is available, and dealer inquiries are always welcomed.

In addition to LED systems, we also produce two traditional fluorescent models at prices that are more than competitive. They use the same 100% welded steel frame as our LED systems, and in fact can be upgraded to our LED channels at any time, so they are a great way to get 633nm red light therapy introduced to your business, at a budget friendly price.

For about the same price as a plastic system, you can own the original PhotoTech. Like the LED systems, they offer a money back guarantee and are designed to last decades, standing up to the heaviest use you can put to them.

We also sell bundles of brochures for the spa owner, and other misc. parts for both LED and fluorescent systems. We have a lot more parts than we show on the website, so if you are looking for something but don't see it here, just call us. 1-800-274-1744

Since 1985, PhotoTech (And the parent company USS) has been building and selling fine systems direct to the customer. We've been building red light therapy systems longer than anyone, and were the first to offer an LED system that not only costs well under $10,000, but allows you to convert an older tanning bed into either a standard or LED red light system, for a fraction of the price of a new system.

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